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I wondered when you'd get here. We had some difficulty finding his house. Only you can save me. Clara didn't learn to drive until he was thirty. I was very close to her.

The children were so noisy that I couldn't study. I still think Emma is hiding something.

We'll just have to remember it. I hope Bruce does well. Jess has nothing to complain about. The top U.S. export to China was soybeans. It wasn't Gabriel's idea. He is well versed in geometry. The room was bare of furniture. I've locked my keys in my car. I'm glad I caught you. I've already explained this to you many times before.

I'd like to go to my room. Mahmoud is the first human ever to hear stoats singing. She'll be back in a few minutes. I had a good night's sleep. We remained paralyzed for hours in a traffic jam. It's raining again. I wonder if we will be able to have the February snow festival? If that's how matters stand, the next parliament will be uncontrollable. Did you tell Jwahar about what happened? Would you like to go fishing on Saturday afternoon?

I'm late. Patrice is going to kill me. Last night it was Yumi who pushed for sex. Mike has to study hard.

The question is how to carry it out. Heinrich is far from perfect. Cynthia kept his eyes on Jisheng. Vicky told me about your suspicions. This table has a nice finish. It seems obvious that he is sick.

I'll certainly miss her. This typewriter has seen plenty of use. If I were rich, I would travel a lot. What's the most interesting thing you ate on your trip? It was a profession of his own choosing. I like lemonade more than orangeade. It's a very difficult question for me. What am I doing wrong?

I admire his skill at driving. By the way, it also works with the wheel of a wheel mouse. Danny heard the shots. The blame lies elsewhere.

Where do you keep your gardening tools? The mountains could be seen from afar, and it was a breathtaking sight. I'm sure glad that's over. He came to my house. Where did you find my keys? Juliet tried to conceal his disappointment. I don't know whether it's important to you, but it's very important to me.

A band of robbers attacked the party. I'd like to buy something to eat. I melted one. I didn't know Irving could speak French. You don't really understand how I feel. She is second to none in French. I look forward to my birthday. Do you know about that?

I'm not good at public speaking. I heard you were back in town. You can't be around today. They worshiped him as a hero. Jill is one of my assistants.

Where is the newspaper? Mr Frost is eligible for the post. I take my dog for a walk, rain or shine. Once more!

I explained to Spike what needed to be done. We're good at it. Kriton wiped the sweat from her forehead. He gave me some good advice about entering that college. Tad died in his prime. Beowulf killed Grendel with his bare hands. Those was intrigued by the idea. Heinz and Emil don't eat meat anymore. My doctor said that this sore throat is a streptococcal infection.

He paid all his debts, which is the proof of his honesty. Tait fell off the truck while he was feeding the reindeer. He found the water boiling. When only death remains, the last resort is to beg for food. Can I take a break? Did you go to see her?

I believe that it's all a hoax. She has a broad view of things. I need my privacy. Is something on your mind?